How to Transform Negative Self-Talk into Self-Love: RECORDED PACKAGE

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PLEASE NOTE: The doors to the interactive masterclass (hosted in a Facebook group) are closed. By purchasing this product, you will get access to all the masterclass materials (videos and printable handouts) during the first week of March, 2021.

With the materials from our growth mindset parenting masterclass you will learn how to help your child grow into a confident and self-loving adult.

This is the ONLY negative self-talk masterclass for parents approved by psychologists:

"I am amazed by how you made the negative thinking information palatable, child-friendly, and accurate." - Dr. Colleen Morgan, licensed psychologist

In this course, you will learn the following at your own pace:

  • One powerful activity that will help your child separate themselves from their negative thoughts and get back their power.
  • How to talk to your child so that their self-esteem and sense of self-worth skyrocket.
  • How understanding "magical thinking" can empower your child to assess if their thoughts are true.
  • The best way to create affirmations that actually work.

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