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How to Help Teens Set Effective Goals (Tips & Templates)


Goal setting for teens can be daunting: teens have big ideas and big dreams, but don’t yet have the experience of breaking down and organizing a goal into steps. Goals like “Get an A-plus in all of my classes” or “Save enough money for a car” can end in disappointment or abandonment.  

If done without planning and intention, a goal could inadvertently hurt a  growth mindset. Teens might fail with a vague or lofty goal and then think, “See? I can’t do it anyway.”

As a high school principal myself, I’ve seen teens make great accomplishments but feel disappointed because their initial goals were too vague or unrealistic.   

On the flip side, I’ve seen teens accomplish remarkable things and feel a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. For example, some teens have dramatically increased a grade, while others have organized school-wide events or clubs.

In these cases, the goals were well-defined and included a support plan. This kind of structured goal setting can support a growth mindset by helping teens experience their own abilities and leadership.

What are the main benefits of effective goal setting?

Besides helping develop a growth mindset, effective goal setting creates other benefits for teens.

So how do you help your teen (or students) set effective goals?  

8 essential tips to help your teen set effective goals

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